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Obituary for Pastor Celie Ann Hooks

Celie Ann Washington was born August 15, 1939, to Robert and Elizabeth Washington in Georgetown, SC, with a veil over her face. She moved to Rochester, NY at an early age, and attended No. 9 School and Madison High School. After high school she worked at Park Ridge Hospital.

At age 17, Celie met Charles Wilson Sr. at church, and they married a brief time later, which culminated in her
eventually bearing seven children. During her fourth pregnancy, both she and her newborn were given up to die by the doctors. The baby had lung issues, and a host of wires connecting him to machines, aided his breathing. Celie's extraordinarily high temperature would not break. Therefore, her bed was wheeled into a room for her to die! In the darkness, she heard a voice saying, "You are healed. Aren't you going to thank me?" The voice continued by saying, "If you serve me, not only will I grant you a long life, but none of your offspring shall perish prematurely." Celie immediately began thanking the Lord and vowed to serve Him for the remainder of her life! She then placed ice cubes beneath her tongue. The doctors were dumbfounded with Celie's breaking fever and discharged her from the hospital. Once discharged, she went to her sister, Evelina. They went to church where Celie surrendered her life to the Lord. The year was 1962, and Celie has cheerfully and unyieldingly honored the vow she made to the Almighty.

In 1971, Celie was hired at Xerox Corporation, working on wire harnesses. She was eventually elevated to the position of wire harness trouble-shooter. Due to her unwavering, steadfast dedication to quality, her manager urged her to share names of additional people whom she felt would be ideal candidates for employment at Xerox. This led to over fifty people being hired during her tenure with Xerox, because of her merits! She was extremely encouraging to her peers, praying for them constantly.

In 1977, Celie divorced Charles Wilson Sr. and focused on her children, serving God as a family, and working. On July 26, 1980, she remarried to a "good man" by the name of James Hooks. A daughter, Naomi Hooks, was born to their union. Unfortunately, due to constant and overwhelming outside negative forces, Celie and James separated. Sadly, James passed away on Celie's birthday, August 15, 1995.

Celie retired from Xerox in 1994, at age 55, and pursued her passion for the Ministry, resulting in the formation of "Reaching for The World for Christ Ministries" which she co-founded and co-labored, beginning in the basement of a home on Sobieski Street. In 1995, Celie and Naomi relocated from Farbridge Street in Rochester to Perinton, NY at 111 Country Down Circle. On June 9, 1996, mother received her Certificate of Ordination from the Pilgrim Church of God. Due to the congregation's influx of people, the church relocated to a storefront at 445 North Street, where the presence of God was evident and miracles, signs, and wonders were common. Pastor Hooks was proud to know people attended their Church to receive breakthroughs and healings! In 2000 the church moved into the former Saint Francis of Assis Catholic Church facility located at 77- 83 Whitney Street. The facility consisted of two sanctuaries, one of which seated 250 parishioners, and consisted of a gymnasium, an office, and two apartments. Unfortunately, now Celie's option to preach was stripped from her for selfish reasons, prompting her to leave the church she assisted in creating! This cruel and unusual treatment towards Celie had profound negative effects on her! She and Naomi eventually became steadfast members of Faith Church, formerly known as Faith Temple Church, from 2010 to 2018. While a member at Faith Temple Church, Celie was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. The physicians surmised the extreme trauma she suffered years prior played a role in her contracting the disease.

From 2014 through 2023, Celie's son and daughter were her primary caregivers. They both cherished her,
constantly taking her on outings which would always end at McDonald's so she could enjoy a cup of one of her favorite flavors, vanilla ice cream. April 20, 2023, Celie moved into the St. Ann's Nursing Home Facility, which she enjoyed. Here, she was content and at peace. Cynthia would visit daily, taking her on tours of the facility. Celie would be thrilled by receiving such things as a doll from Cynthia, whom she cherished. Celie enjoyed gardening, walking 3.5 miles per day, going to the gym, doing arts, and crafts, and spending quality time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren to name a few of her pleasures. Being a good steward of her finances, she was often a lender of large sums of funds, charging 0% interest.

Pastor Hooks crossed over to Glory on May 25, 2023, at Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center. She leaves to cherish her memory and continue her legacy: her children: Margie Wilson, Charles Wilson Jr., Cynthia Wilson, Ricky Wilson, Robert Wilson, Ronny Wilson, Mark Wilson, Naomi Hooks; a host of grandchildren and greatgrandchildren; her siblings: Alice Newkirk, Rose Davis, Annie Belle Jackson, 011ie Lester, Evelina Gould, John Washington, Margaret Davis, Barbara Washington, nephews, nieces, cousins, other relatives, church family and friends. Although she has a total of eight biological children, she leaves behind a myriad of surrogate sons and daughters. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her.